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Sign up to Tap2Go and take out the hassle of buying a train ticket before you travel

What is Tap2Go?

Tap2Go is account-based ticketing that means you don’t need to buy a train ticket before your journey. Instead, you’ll be charged the best daily fare on your South Western Railway journeys when you touch in and out on smartcard validators.

How does Tap2Go work?

Tap2Go calculates the best daily fare for journeys based on the stations you touch in and out at. You will need to link a valid credit or debit card to your account to use Tap2Go. 

Payment is taken the day after travel from your linked card or you can also add funds online to have a credit balance. Journeys will be deducted from it and any credit on your account will be used first before charges are made to your linked card.

You can check your balance, journey details and charges applied in your online South Western Railway account.

Make sure you touch in before boarding a train otherwise you’ll be travelling without a ticket and will need to buy one or will be charged a penalty fare. If you don’t touch out, you’ll need to contact our smart support team on 0345 810 1010 to complete the journey or you’ll be charged £25.00 for an incomplete journey.

What tickets can I use with Tap2Go?

Tap2Go can currently only be used on South Western Railway services outside of London. To find out where, download our Tap2Go map.

Railcard discounts and child fares currently can’t be used with Tap2Go.

You can store other train tickets on your Tap2Go enabled smartcard, including season tickets. Any journeys between the origin and destination stations of your ticket will not be charged, but journeys outside of them will be charged.

How do I register for Tap2Go?

It’s easy to get a smartcard with Tap2Go. All you need to do is contact us at with the email address associated with your account. Our team will then contact you with instructions on how to complete set up.

New and existing smartcard holders will receive a new smartcard with Tap2Go loaded onto it  five working days after the order is completed online. It’ll need to be activated within 30 days on one of our smartcard validators or you may be required to register for the account again.

Tap2Go smartcards can only be used by the named account holder.

Help and support

If you think you’ve been charged incorrectly, please contact our smart support team on 0345 810 1010 or

If your journey is validated on Tap2Go and delayed by 15 minutes or more, you can claim Delay Repay on

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